Welcome to the Gaming Techniques Wiki

This wikia will describe, in depth, various techniques that can be performed among a series of games, whether they are provided by the game, or are more exploit-based in nature.

General Information

Sometimes, in video games, even basic gameplay may be unclear. This can lead to hours of frustration, or to giving up on the game altogether. This wiki is intended to solve many of those issues. Alternatively, you may simply be looking to excel at advanced exploitation of basic mechanics. Either way, this wiki may be the place for you. However, turn-based games are less likely to appear here, due to their often clear-cut and linear nature.

If you have comments or concerns, or wish to introduce a game not currently present, contact, and consideration will be given. Thank you for your support.

NOTE: This wiki is not yet up and running, and it may take some time before it is. Until such time, non-administrators will be prohibited from editing this wiki, to ensure it can reach its full potential. Patience is much appreciated.

Latest activity

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