"I have dedicated my life to the study of the deadly arts. I can blend in with any crowd, strike from any direction, and eliminate anyone with a single thrust of my blade. My name is Altair and my actions will be remembered for ages to come." -Altair Ibn La-Ahad


Series: Assassin's Creed

Rating: M (Mature)


-Strong Language


Genre: Action

Players: 1

NOTE: The current and default version of the game, as recognized by this page, is for the Xbox 360 Console. Other versions may become available in future.


Before the Animus- The first process any player must know to begin play is how to enter the Animus, and to walk around as Desmond Miles.

Walking- tilt the left joystick in a direction to begin walking in said direction

Angle Camera- tilt the right joystick in a direction to change your field of view accordingly

Opening Unlocked Doors- walk toward an unlocked door, and it will open automatically, if at all

Starting the Animus- walk toward the Animus on the far side of the connected computer, then press a button to enter it

Eagle Vision (Requires "Bleeding Effect" Upgrade)- stand still, then press the Y button; allows you to see invisible writing/relation auras; use right joystick to look around


Animus Function Screen- A menu which allows you to enter your ancestor's memories, and switch to playing as Altair.

Highlight Selection- tilt the left joystick to change which function you are selecting (it will be highlighted); tilt it down to enter the Miscellaneous Animus Functions Toolbar

Activate Function- press the A button to activate the highlighted function

Initiate Sequence- press the A button while selecting an unlocked Memory Block to begin gameplay as Altair in the selected sequence

Options- found at the left of the Miscellaneous Animus Functions Toolbar, it opens a menu from which you can alter the game settings to your preferences

Exit Animus- exit the Animus Memory Selection Screen, and begin playing as Desmond Miles


Assassin Gameplay

Basic Movement

Walking- tilt the left joystick slightly in a direction to walk slowly; tilt the left joystick fully to walk normally (NOTE: walking into a short structure may trigger auto-climbing; walking into a ledge may cause you to peer down it, or hop off of it)

Jogging- tilt the left joystick while in high profile (holding Rt) to jog; tilt it slightly to perform a light jog, or tilt it fully to perform a full jog (NOTE: jogging into a short structure may trigger auto-climbing; jogging into a ledge may cause you to hang off of it, or hop down from it)

Sprinting- tilt the left joystick while holding A+Rt, and you will run in that direction (NOTE: sprinting into a structure will trigger free-running; sprinting into a ledge will cause you to jump off of it)

Vertical Jumping- hold A+Rt, without tilting the left joystick, then release A to jump a few feet into the air; this may cause you to grasp handholds directly above you, or immediately near you

Horizontal Jumping- hold A+Rt, without tilting the left joystick, then tap a direction with the left joystick while releasing A to jump several feet in the chosen direction; may cause you to jump past a ledge or to grasp to a handhold you contact while jumping (NOTE: you do not rise vertically more than a few inches)

Free Running- hold A+Rt while tilting the left joystick toward a wall, ledge, or other various structure to traverse it in a specific way

Wall Running- hold A+Rt while tilting the left joystick toward a nearby wall, at an angle roughly perpendicular to it, and you will run a few feet up it; you will automatic grasp accessible handholds on it, or if it's short enough, you will grasp onto the ledge on top of it

Wall Press- tilt the left joystick toward a wall, and you will press against it; if the wall is short enough, you may auto-climb it


Basic Crowd Control

Blending- hold A while in Low Profile to hold your hands together, walk slowly, and imitate a monk; this is not effective after A is released, and doing so will draw attention; guards tend to ignore you while blending, but you are not invisible

Gentle Push- hold B while in Low Profile to move civilians and patrolling guards out of your way, without raising suspicion; alternatively, B can be pressed to move guards and civilians in contact or nigh-contact with you as a one-time action

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